Throwback Thursday Blessing

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHi and happy Throwback Thursday!  It is hard to believe that Christmas is only three weeks from today.  And, I still have much to do.

For today, I chose a photo of Ian taken in 2011.  He is holding his new Super Why doll and wearing the costume.  This is a great superhero in a program on PBS who has the power to read.  He helps with reading, spelling, and figuring out how to change a fairy tale story in order to solve a problem.

Ian has always loved books, which is a wonderful blessing.  So Super Why was the perfect superhero.  Ian’s cousin, Aiden, wore this outfit before he did, thanks to my sister.

Now that Ian can read by himself, he almost always has a book in his hand.  One of his favorite places to go in is the city library.  He can check out books on his own.  We go regularly and spend hours there.

I too love books.  I love to read them and hope to write one some day.  Ian and I have a few ideas for a children’s book or two.  That should be fun!

Today I am thankful for:

  • Ian’s love of books and reading
  • Super Why who helps with the power to read
  • A boy who is excited to have lunch with his mom
  • Morning cuddles
  • Pumpkin spice lattes
  • The light of the Christmas tree
  • Evenings together on the couch
  • Anticipation of the season
  • Christmas music and decorations
  • Continued blessings
  • My family and friends

I wonder what new superhero Ian will like?!  No one can be as cool as Super Why (at least in my opinion), but we’ll see!

Happy 45th Sesame Street!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis morning on Good Morning America, they announced that Sesame Street is celebrating its 45th season on television!  Yeah! This has been one of my favorite shows for many, many years! I was one of the first children to watch this fabulous show.  I loved learning the letters and numbers and all of the fun that the characters had.

To me the people were always as fun as the muppets. People I liked were Bob, Gordon, Maria, Luis, Mr. Hooper, and now Alan. Bob has been on the show since its debut on November 10, 1969.  He was my absolute favorite for a while.

This photo is of all of the Sesame Street characters in Ian’s collection.  From left are: Grover, Elmo, Big Bird (on Elmo’s head), Bert, Ernie, and Cookie Monster.  As far as the muppets, in addition to the ones in Ian’s collection, I liked Mr. Snuffleupagus and Oscar The Grouch. My favorites were and still are Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, and The Count.

Ian was never as big a fan of the show as I was.  For a few years, I was more excited to watch it then he was.  I suppose since it took me back to my childhood and how fun and new the show was when I was a young child. A few great characters have been added since I was little — Elmo, Abby Caddaby, and Murray among them. I still enjoy watching the show.

One of my favorite clips recently was of Murray and Benedict Cumberbatch.  Murray had a hard time understanding that Benedict wasn’t actually Sherlock Holmes.  Instead, that he plays the character of Sherlock on PBS’s Sherlock. I cracked up since it was such a clever skit.  Another fun skit was the Law and Order Special Letters Unit.  The detectives are hunting for the missing Letter M.  The bum-bum sound they are famous for was included and really bothered the Letter M.

Other things I really liked were how much The Count loved numbers.  It was great seeing him play his organ and see all of the numbers pop up.  He helped me appreciate numbers more than I would have.  I have always been a word person.  Oscar The Grouch was a lovable complainer.  He did care about his friends but had an odd way to show it at times.  And, I loved the friendship of Bert and Ernie and Bert’s love of pigeons and Ernie’s love of his rubber ducky.

Thanks to PBS for keeping Sesame Street on the air as long as its been. Several generations of families have been able to enjoy and learn from this wonderful program.  Thanks also to the amazing cast and crew for continuing to entertain us.  And thanks to my parents for introducing me to this show.

This blog has been brought to you by the letters H and B for Happy Birthday and by the number 45.  Happy 45th to all at Sesame Street.  Thanks for all that you taught me.