Throwback Thursday – Cold Treats

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Thursday!  We are almost finished with our second week of summer.

We continue to have a good time and are enjoying ourselves very much.  Time is going very fast as often happens when we’re having fun.

We have had some lazy days and some days where we have been quite busy.   We have enjoyed playing Monopoly, going to the library for summer books, and having cookouts with family.

This weekend we plan to go swimming and are looking forward to that.  I love the water and ease of exercise.  I also enjoy floating on my back in the water, and working with Ian as he is still learning to swim.  He keeps getting better.

Where we live is humid in the summer, so we are in our air-conditioned house for much of the day.  On these muggy days, we have come to truly appreciate our cold treats.  Sweet iced tea, ice water, and cold beers are our drinks of choice.  I actually like semi-sweet or half sweet/half unsweet tea the best.

And, we love our ice cream treats too.  Nothing like a big scoop of ice cream to help cool us down on a hot day.  This photo was taken three summers ago at the beach.  This was the treat he picked from the ice cream truck.  This particular ice cream was extremely messy as you can tell from the picture.  It was also one of his favorites.

I will have to plan to take plenty of ice cream truck money when we go to the beach this summer!  After all, that is one of Ian’s favorite parts of the day.  It is one of mine as well.  Nothing like the taste of chocolate mint on a cone as I watch the sunset into the ocean. Ahhhhh… summer bliss!

I wonder what tomorrow’s cold treat will be?  Tomorrow is supposed to be another warm and muggy day, so I am sure whatever it is will hit the spot!