Big Boy Stuff

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERALast night, Ian showed me what a big boy he truly is.  Almost a year ago, we went to see “The Lego Movie” at the movie theater.  We left midway through it since Ian didn’t like it anymore.  He was too young, I think.  This is after all, a PG movie and he was six years old.

Fast forward to a 7-year-old boy.  We watched “The Lego Movie” at home on a lazy Friday evening.  He watched the entire movie and loved it.  We laughed and had a great time.  Such a fun story.  Only one very short part bothered him but he stuck with it.

Needless to say I was quite proud of my big boy.  No longer a baby or a little boy, but someone who is growing up.  It sure happened fast too.

Our son has a tender heart and I truly and deeply love that about him. Because of that, we have always let him tell us when he was ready to watch something.  It was great to see last night that he was finally ready for this movie.

He loves Lego and plays with them a lot.  When he receives a new set, he spends hours pouring over the directions and puts the elements together to form a fire truck, boat, camper, space ship, or many other things.  Days or a week later, he creates new items of his own.  He has gotten very talented and it is wonderful to watch his mind at work. Or should I say his mind at play?

The photo was taken at a convention in spring 2014. He was concentrating and very into it.  Lego had a booth, which was directly across from our booth.  Ian was beyond thrilled and went over a few times to build.

Each day, I hear a lot about Lego from Ian.  He explains his build, what it does, and shows me.  He also loves to read books about Lego and tells me about the items that interest him.  It is wonderful to see his imagination at work. He also likes to ask me what kinds of Lego elements and sets there were when I was little.  Not nearly as many as now, that’s for sure.

I wonder what the next thing will be that our big boy does that amazes and impresses us?  I don’t know but I cannot wait to discover it with him.

Persistence…Thy Name Is Ian

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAOn Saturday, Ian showed us the true meaning of persistence.  And, it was glorious to watch!

He received the last of his birthday gifts just after we ate lunch.  We went to a toy store with his grandpa.

Ian picked out a Lego semi truck with hauler and monster truck.  The package said Monster Truck Hauler.

I asked Ian, “Are you sure that’s what you want?”  “Yes Mommy.”  I said okay and then we walked back to the car and then went back to his grandpa’s house.

For the next four hours, Ian worked on putting the 299 pieces together into the two vehicles.

He asked his daddy a few times for help and also a few times asked me, but mainly he worked on it himself.  He looked at the two instruction manuals and slowly worked through each page.  It was amazing to watch.

The fact he could put this together simply from the book, finding the correct piece, and then moving on the next page was very impressive.  I hadn’t realized how mechanically minded he was and how great at following step-by-step instructions.

A few times he got frustrated, but for the most part, he enjoyed working on it and kept at it until he was finished.  Needless to say I was super proud and took a few pictures.

That night when it was bedtime, I told him what he had done was big boy stuff not little boy stuff.  He grinned and said “Thanks Mommy.”  Then in less than 5 minutes he was asleep.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

The next afternoon, he went to play with one of his dear friends from preschool.  He wanted to take his truck and monster truck.  It came apart and we discussed the fact that is what happens with Lego’s.  He was fine with that.

Yesterday he took more of it apart again.  Apparently he wants to put it all back together.  He told me that most of the fun playing with it is putting it all together.

Ian, this was a job well done!  Mommy and Daddy are proud of you and your persistence!!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA