July 20 – Hot

Hi and Happy Saturday!

I don’t know about you but I am so happy it’s the weekend.

POD_July.20_HotToday’s Photo-A-Day Challenge is Hot.

I thought about taking a photo of a thermometer but didn’t have access to one.  Then, I thought about hot sauce or a hot pepper but it just didn’t work.

So, I decided on a few of my son’s favorite Hot Wheels cars.

Ian has probably a hundred Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and off-brand vehicles.  There are so many that I have lost count.

He loves to play with his cars and I must admit that I like to play with them too.  He has some great vehicles!!

My dad also likes to play with cars with Ian and has his own impressive collection.  They trade cars and have a blast together!!

Sometimes the two of them create a huge parking lot with all of the cars or drive them around in a race.  It is such fun to watch!

Whatever your hot is, I hope you enjoy it!!