Cutting My Rings

ringsOn Friday afternoon of last week, I had to do something that I never thought I would.  I had to have my engagement ring and wedding band cut off my finger at a jeweler.

Thankfully the jeweler was very nice so I didn’t feel too bad while I was there.  That wasn’t until afterwards.

He said, “We’ve seen worse than this.   Give your finger about three weeks to a month to return to normal and the swelling to go down.  Then we can resize your rings for you.”

“Thank you,” I said.  “I will be in touch.”  I left with a sore and naked finger, and wanted to cry.  I couldn’t help but think, how did it come to this?

My finger had swollen quite a bit and since the rings together go almost to the first knuckle, it all was becoming way too tight and starting to be bad for my finger.

Now my ring finger is bare and healing again.   It looks very strange without a ring since I have been wearing one or both of them for 15 years.  This fall will be our 15th anniversary.

The only other time that I couldn’t wear my rings was when I was pregnant and when Ian was first born.  Clearly now, it’s because of my weight and that is upsetting.

I am trying to look at this as the sign that I needed that yes, it is time for some major changes.  And, since I haven’t liked how I look in recent pictures, I want to and am ready to change and finally lose this weight.

After all my son is 5 years old so I can no longer can blame it on the baby weight.   It is a lack of exercise, too much stress, and the need for a better diet.  I need to be eating more fruits and veggies, and a healthier overall diet, and being active each day.

When I was active each day, I felt better and was better able to deal with life’s stressors.  But as I can attest, it is so easy to get into bad habits and stay there.  Time to bring on the good habits again.

I have had success before with losing weight.  Weight Watchers has worked for me as well as 45 minutes per day of cardio activity.  I will be incorporating both of those again.

When I was a senior in college, it was much easier to lose weight than it is now.  Back then I lived on the third floor of the dorm with no stairs, walked all over campus for classes, and took a weight class three times a week.

I was in the best shape of my life.  I looked great and never thought twice about what I ate or what I was doing.  I was just living and since I was so active, my body could more easily process what was going in.

I probably won’t be back to that size again, but I can certainly make some major changes.  I want to get into the size I was when I got pregnant with Ian.  I will be happy with that!

My goal is to make one change each week and try to incorporate that into the overall plan.  I am realistic enough to understand that it took time to get to where I am, so I need time to make the changes.

This week is to work on cutting out the late-night unhealthy snacks which are often a result of stress eating.  It is calming but not the best idea.  Part of my problem is that I love food and love to eat.  I will be working on what I eat and how much.  As a friend of mine mentioned, it is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

I wonder if I can truly make one of these changes each week?  I think that since I am motivated that I will be able to do so.  One week at a time and one day at a time!

What a Week!

The last seven days have been amazing and so full of blessings.

I have felt such an outpouring of love and care with all of the prayer support that I received!  (Please see my posting on Wednesday to read about my trip to the ER)

Yesterday afternoon, I went to my regular doctor for a follow-up visit.  My blood pressure was normal (yeah!) and I was so happy about that.  And, he gave me a medicine to help my stomach / GI tract to settle back down.

He also told me that doctors often can’t tell you exactly what is wrong with you but that they can tell you what isn’t wrong.  That is something profound, don’t you think?  It is also frustrating when you want to have an answer. As I found out this week, however, that isn’t always possible.

We then discussed diet and some changes that I need to make.  He mentioned that healthy eating has to be a new lifestyle choice and not considered a diet.  As you know from reading my blog, I am trying to lose weight but am still not having much success.  This doctor reminded me that it’s all about portion control, eating fewer carbs, and avoiding fried food (for my stomach mainly but a good idea for overall health).

I thanked him for his advice and the medicine.  Then we came home from the doctor, took the medicine, and made dinner — salmon, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and biscuits.  DELICIOUS!  And, I had no stomach, etc. problems.  For the first night in a while, I slept very well through the night and without almost no pain. Thank you Lord.

This week has truly been a wakeup call and has shown me how far from the healthy food choices I was. I thought I was doing well but got off track the previous week. I am working now each day to make healthier choices.  And, to exercise as well.  I am tired of feeling lousy and ready to feel better and back to a fun and healthy weight.  After all, I have some great clothes that I want to be able to wear again.

My husband and son have been so sweet and attentive to me. My hubby has been helping a lot around the house (something he does anyway) and been making sure that I have been getting rest and what I need.

In addition, my son has been very attentive. Ian has a doctor’s kit and last night he gave me a checkup.  He checked my heart and said, “there is a robber in your heart trying to get the pain out,” meaning he wants Mommy’s pain to go away.  He has said several times, “It’s okay Mommy,”  and “I hope that you can lose weight Mommy.”

It means a lot to have my own cheering section!  And, I feel truly blessed to have such a loving and caring set of family and friends who provided such amazing prayer support and concern.  That has meant the world to me this week.  Thank you Lord for watching over me!

How was your week?  I hope and pray it was full of blessings!  Please share with me and other readers.

Time to Lose, 90 Days Exercise

Hi again to you!

As I am in the middle of my 11th week of the weight loss journey, I realized that I haven’t been making any progress the last two weeks.  That is why I haven’t been posting any blogs. Also, my son and I have both been sick so there wasn’t much to share on this journey.

My food intake has been quite a bit better over the past month. Well, except for while I have been sick.  That is always a challenge!  But the better choices seem to be getting easier and much more routine!  So that is good.

But, I realized that I am getting nowhere fast on the exercise front.  And, that is what really needs my attention.

So, I have decided that starting April 1st, I am going to start 90 days of exercise.  I have added a new page to this blog in order to track what I do each day.

Nothing like being accountable to yourself and others to get you motivated!

I so need to do this for my own health.  I hope to make this a new habit. By scheduling it each day, I think that it will truly happen.

I am waiting until the 1st of April because I want to get over as much of the sinus infection as I can and be ready to go with the exercise.  I will probably start out slowly and then increase my time as I go.

Please share with me your journey as well.  Let’s be a support system to each other!!

I wonder if I can truly do this.  I will take it one day at a time and hope to see major changes!

It’s Time to Lose

Weight loss is often a New Year’s resolution. I suppose you could say it is one for me too. I am also resolving to exercise regularly again.

I am going to do my best, however, to keep these resolutions going even after the end of January.

You see over the last 6 months, I have gotten very lazy and hardly exercise at all.  That is really not good for someone who was already overweight.

Today is the anniversary of my grandfather’s death.  He died of a heart attack in his early 40s before I was even born. I never had the pleasure to know him. And, now that I am about his age, I realize something — I am not ready to go. I have a young son who I want to see grow into a man. So I have to change my bad habits.

Therefore, it’s time to lose weight and make time to exercise regularly and hopefully gain a  new perspective.

Before I became pregnant, I had successfully lost weight on Weight Watchers as well as doing 45 minutes of cardio exercise every day.  That is what I am going to be doing starting today.  Tuesdays were our weigh-in days so I will continue that each Tuesday. I weighed myself prior to writing so I know where I am starting. Too high a number that I hope to have lowered over the next several weeks.

I would appreciate advice from others who are struggling with this issue as well as advice from those who have successfully lost the weight. I am writing this since I plan to make this a priority for myself and I hope to encourage someone else as well.

I wonder if I can reach my goal by my next birthday? I am certainly going to try.