Throwback Thursday / Favorite Time of the Day

P7240424 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi and happy Thursday.  Today is Throwback Thursday and for the photo challenge, it is Favorite Time Of Day.  I decided to post two photos from several years ago.

Especially when at the beach and in the summer, my favorite time of day is sunset.  It is lovely and such fun and a great time for pictures. I also like the time of day in general since it’s time to wind down and discuss our day and have relaxing time as a family.

There is always so much to do in the morning that I like the contrast of time to relax, watch some television or read a good book, have some dessert or fruit, and then enjoy being together.

The hard part in the summer is that the sun doesn’t go down until nearly 10 p.m.  As we go through spring, the days get longer and I have to close doors so that Ian knows that it’s time for bed.

I love our routine before bed – milk for him, we read a story, we say our prayers, potty one last time, and then to bed.  He always give daddy a goodnight hug and kiss and gives mommy the last kiss and hug of the day.

One thing that always said sunset and the end of the day to me was a song we sang at Camp Fire sleepovers – Taps – “Day is done, gone the sun.  From the hills, from the lake, from the skies. All is well, safely rest. God is nigh.”

What is your favorite time of day?  I’d love to hear from you.

I wonder how tonight’s sunset time will be?  I bet it will be lovely through our trees which are blooming.