The Blessing of Youth Groups

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday at church, the youth did the entire service and it was great.  Several of them prepared special music – a few songs on the piano, “Canon in D” played by a violin trio, a children’s choir, and a young man singing “Mary, Did You Know?”

They also read scripture, led us in a moving prayer, and videotaped the sermon message of a skit about who stole the church.  The skit was the Grinch story told if a church had been robbed.  It was really cute and meaningful.

This great service was followed by a lunch and a visit with Santa in the fellowship hall of the church.  A great time was had by all. This photo is from the tree in the fellowship hall.

This service made me appreciate the youth groups that I was involved in as a child.  I went to two different churches – one while in junior high, and then I switched to another while in high school.  I went on several great trips — to a youth gathering in San Antonio, Texas, that I will never forget, and to a youth camp.

Thanks to my parents for allowing me to have these adventures and be so active with these groups.  Some of the people I became friends with at church are still my dearest friends.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Children using their talents
  • A funny skit as the sermon
  • Eating lunch with friends from church
  • Ian being excited about meeting Santa
  • Enjoying lunch in the room where Kirk and I had our first dance as husband and wife
  • Santa’s gift being just right for Ian
  • Checking out Christmas books from the church library
  • An active youth program at our church
  • Memories of my youth group days
  • Pictures of youth then and now

I wonder what Ian will think of the youth group when he gets older?  I imagine he will like it as much as I do.  Hope you have a great week!

Church Celebration

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday morning, our church celebrated its 70th anniversary.  It was a great day and truly a celebration. It is amazing to think that in 1944, our church was founded.  It has been going strong ever since.

This church is extra special since it is the place where I met Kirk and we later married.  Now we are active there and Ian enjoys it as much as we do.

Seeing people I grew up with at the special service was really great.  And our retired pastor who performed our wedding gave the sermon.  It was great to hear him again.

Also the music was fantastic. The choir started the service with an amazing gospel song with hands clapping.  It was fun to hear all of the people singing with the choir.  Later, as a congregation  we sang, “The Churches One Foundation,” “A Mighty Fortress,” and “The Lord’s Prayer.”

We then all ate together in the fellowship hall for a lovely catered lunch. The food and dessert were tasty.  As we ate, a slide show of the church’s history played.  It included information on the church staff, the previous building, when the current building was built, and the renovations, and assorted activities.

It was a great morning at church and one that I will remember for a while.  This photo was taken in the narthex on Easter Sunday this year.  Such pretty flowers on this cross.

Some of the things about this church that mean so much to me are:

  • The location I met my hubby
  • A place where Ian enjoys hearing the Children’s Chat
  • Seeing a photo of our former organist who was also my piano teacher.  I still miss seeing her
  • Pictures of youth group activities
  • Clapping with the choir as they sing a lovely anthem
  • The sound of the organ and many voices as we all hold hands and sing “The Lord’s Prayer”
  • Praying together as a congregation before we eat a delicious meal
  • Memories of VBS and Sunday School
  • Celebrating life and honoring the lives of those who we have lost

I have several old photos of this great church that I will have to find.  I just wish I had found them to be included in the slide show.