The Blessing of Youth Groups

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday at church, the youth did the entire service and it was great.  Several of them prepared special music – a few songs on the piano, “Canon in D” played by a violin trio, a children’s choir, and a young man singing “Mary, Did You Know?”

They also read scripture, led us in a moving prayer, and videotaped the sermon message of a skit about who stole the church.  The skit was the Grinch story told if a church had been robbed.  It was really cute and meaningful.

This great service was followed by a lunch and a visit with Santa in the fellowship hall of the church.  A great time was had by all. This photo is from the tree in the fellowship hall.

This service made me appreciate the youth groups that I was involved in as a child.  I went to two different churches – one while in junior high, and then I switched to another while in high school.  I went on several great trips — to a youth gathering in San Antonio, Texas, that I will never forget, and to a youth camp.

Thanks to my parents for allowing me to have these adventures and be so active with these groups.  Some of the people I became friends with at church are still my dearest friends.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Children using their talents
  • A funny skit as the sermon
  • Eating lunch with friends from church
  • Ian being excited about meeting Santa
  • Enjoying lunch in the room where Kirk and I had our first dance as husband and wife
  • Santa’s gift being just right for Ian
  • Checking out Christmas books from the church library
  • An active youth program at our church
  • Memories of my youth group days
  • Pictures of youth then and now

I wonder what Ian will think of the youth group when he gets older?  I imagine he will like it as much as I do.  Hope you have a great week!