On Mondays and Character

Hi to you!  Hope you have a great Monday!

Here’s to the beginning of the week and the start to a new adventure.

Mondays are usually tough and to be disliked.  But, today, let’s try to think of this as a day of new opportunity, instead of another beginning of the usual drudgery.

I know it may not be easy but I would like to be positive and turn over a new leaf!!  Are you with me?!

Here’s to making the best of our new day!!  Hope you have a fabulous one!


Here is a great reminder that I came across this morning:  “Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.”  So very true!

Showing good character may be a lost art but it is still very important!

I feel we should live by the golden rule and treat others as we would like to be treated.

To Good Character!!

“In the end you should always do the right thing even if it’s hard.” — Nicholas Sparks

“The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back.” – Abigail Van Buren