Oh, Tooth Fairy!!

TodayGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA is a day to record for Ian.  I will have to summon the tooth fairy tonight.

He has lost his first baby tooth.  Here you can see where it came out.

This morning he went to the bathroom and when he came back into the room, he said, “Mommy, my tooth came out.”

As you can see in the fuzzy picture, he has a hole in the left front spot of his teeth.

Wow!  I was excited for him, but thinking how can he be old enough already to be losing teeth?

When he was about 4 months old, he got his first baby teeth — the two bottom middle ones.  So now, one of those two teeth has already fallen out of his mouth.

Last night at dinner, Ian was talking about his tooth feeling loose.  I looked and noticed that there was another tooth behind it.  It is ready to move into the front spot.

My father-in-law then was asking Ian, how much money are your parents going to give you?  Thankfully Ian didn’t clue in to that.

That reminded me of the scene in the “Grown-Ups” movie where a little girl finds out that her parents are the tooth fairy.  She asks her mom about it.  Her mom says yes, I am the tooth fairy for our family and your friend’s parents are the tooth fairy for her family.  It is a secret though.

This morning, Ian asked me, “I wonder what the tooth fairy will bring?”  I told him, “I don’t know Ian.  We’ll see.”

I wonder what he will think of the tooth fairy and how he will adjust to one less tooth.  It will be fun to find out.


As I was writing this, I received a call that my grandmother was not doing well.

We have been praying for her and hope and pray that she will be better.  She is an amazing woman and someone who I have learned a lot from.

“Dear Lord, please stretch your healing and watchful arms over Grams. May she know how loved she is. Amen.”