Wear Red Day

Today is National Wear Red Day to recognize the fight against heart disease.

Are you wearing red? I am.

Red is one of my favorite colors.  And, I seem to get compliments when I wear this vibrant color.

But the meaning about today is very important.  According to the American Heart Association’s Wear Red web site, heart disease is the number one killer among women, and kills more women than all cancer combined. Wow, that is a shocking fact to me.

It is important to check our numbers — blood pressure and cholesterol. Both of mine have been too high and I am trying to lower them. Thanks to a great doctor, I am getting the help I need.

These numbers can be lowered with changes in diet and exercise. As you know from my postings on Tuesdays, I am working on these changes.

It is a daily effort but I am committed to do so. I want a healthy heart and an overall healthy body.

I wonder if we one day can beat heart disease that claims our loved ones. I hope and pray that we can do exactly that.