The Blessings of Good Friday and Easter

This weekend is part of Holy Week when we celebrate Christ’s suffering and death and then His resurrection. For some reason, the day of his painful and awful passing is Good Friday. Good for us, but certainly not for him. Then three days later, he rose again so we might have life.

Wow, that’s huge, right?! The fact that someone agreed to die for me and my loved ones and those I don’t know is mind-boggling. And, such an immense blessing. Christ loved us enough to suffer and deal with pain worse than I can imagine. He died and rose so that we might live.

The promise of that has helped my son and me as we’ve dealt with my late husband’s death. It has been hard at times but knowing where he is makes all of the difference for us. We know he is not in pain. We know he is not struggling. There is hope in our pain. There is joy in the morning. And, there is love everlasting.

Before the pandemic, Easter weekend was a time for large family gatherings. We had Easter Egg hunts, prayers in a circle with hands held, potluck meals, and church services with amazing music. I miss those times with my family and friends. I miss the gathering and the celebration of new life, of spring, and of Easter.

This year will be different but at least we can be with my parents to have lunch and enjoy the service via an online link. We will be careful and mindful of masks, distancing, etc. Being with them is a real and true blessing. I am so thankful for that. The little things and the times together are truly the best.

There are other things to be concerned about as well. Illnesses, sickness, accidents, hunger, loss of home or business, and more. I have been troubled in the last few weeks about the multiple mass shootings at a variety of locations and in several states. Today, there was an incident at the Capitol that resulted in the death of an officer and the suspect allegedly causing the problems. Sad news for their families and friends.

So despite all the negativity, I am trying to focus on the good things. I am trying to focus on what I am thankful for. It isn’t always easy to do but we try. Each day, we try to live life to the fullest and make the most of our time. Some days that means rest, others days it means a lot of work, and other times, it may mean time to wallow in the bad feelings before moving on. Or means fun or doing something we enjoy.

A few items that I am thankful for are: flowers blooming, breakfast with my son before our day starts, hearing about a new idea or project, birds chirping, celebrating the life of a loved one, favorite songs, photos of special memories, a favorite meal, prayers, walks, the sound of the ocean, our family, our friends, our church, my son’s school, our community, and our freedoms.

Blessings to you and yours! May you have hope and be comforted by what this weekend is all about. It is about more than just candy or bunnies or new outfits. It is about love and life. Happy Easter to you!

(They have changed the formatting of this blog, so it looks weird. Sorry about that! I will be working on the new format and hope to learn it soon.)