On The Challenge Of Finding Inspiration To Write

These days it is hard to find the inspiration to write and then post a blog. I only wrote one in January and this is the first for February. I have been thinking about what it is that is making it so hard to turn to this outlet that I so appreciate.

I suppose it boils down to the stresses of everyday life, concerns about the health of loved ones and loved ones’ pets, losses and deaths that are unexpected yet still happen, lack of hugs or physical contact, and both school and work at home. Also stresses that we hear on the news, how adults are acting and treating others, and so much more.

Also, I have been busy with projects around the house, laundry, general upkeep, dishes, and taking care of three meals every day for the two of us plus snacks. After all, I have a growing teenage who eats a lot. My son does help out but many days his focus is on school. We all have to do this, but some days it is hard.

We also truly miss seeing our friends and family. We are staying home from pretty much everything and that has been really tough. We are doing our best to be careful and help our loved ones stay healthy. So the visiting times have had to be creative and out of the ordinary. We are homebodies and do love being home doing our own thing. Still the lack of interaction can be a challenge.

I regularly remind my son that this is not how the teenage years are supposed to be.  And yet, this is reality for him and his generation. They are dealing with depression, frustration, self-doubts, and loneliness. For the most part, they cannot do the things together with their friends that I remember doing as a teenager — sporting events, theater practice, hanging out, concerts, and dinner and a movie out.

Thankfully, there are the Internet and Zoom meetings. My son and I do calls with our friends and family. It is not the same as being in the same room with them, but it is better than no contact at all. We also do online church and school and work meetings online. There is a lot of bad in the online world, but we are doing our best to focus on the good. We enjoy the positives of the contact we can have with others.

All of this negative is often hard to deal with. Yet, we try. We get up each day to try again. We try to finish work projects and school assignments. We work on the chores of the house, including laundry, housework, and the groceries chosen and purchased. We also make a point to have time to do fun things, have a chance to talk about everything, laugh, share a good memory, read a book, watch a movie or TV show, savor down time, and exercise.

We also make sure to get enough sleep and enough rest. My teenage son needs so much sleep these days. He is growing each week and so plenty of sleep is very important. Many days we have a late start. I try to have that be okay since we are doing our best. We often work later to be sure enough time is given to our work.

My family has lost a few loved ones due to this damn virus, as many others have. I hope and pray that no one else has to suffer that fate. We also have friends and family who have lasting effects of COVID-19. It is tough virus and sadly is very real, as much as some may want to deny it.

My prayer is that we will soon be healed from this. In the meantime, I hope and pray that we can do what is necessary to take care of each other, to be kind to each other, to wear our masks, to social distance, to avoid large crowds, to wash our hands, and to be aware of what we are doing and how we are acting.

We can make a difference if we can truly love one another. We can take care of each other, even if it is at a distance. We can bear each other’s burdens. May we do just that and always, always love.

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