At Home Continues

I cannot believe that it is already halfway through May and I haven’t written once.

I am not inspired as much these days since life has been a challenge. I have been stressed with this damn corona virus and still dealing with our grief after losing my husband/my son’s father one and a half years ago.

Stress and uncertainty seem to be evident each day for many of us now.  That is frustrating.  It certainly is for me.

We are on day 64 of being home.  At home school work has been finished for this year and so our summer has begun.  Still, I am not sure what we will be doing since our trip to the beach will not happen.  Perhaps a few trips for work but that will be about it. Times with loved ones would also be nice.

I am thankful that I can work at home.  Our family business has been quite busy and for that I am thankful. Still each day, I have anxiety and stress with so much unknown and not being able to see my friends and family as I normally like to. That is taking its toll and that is frustrating.

We did get to see my parents on Mother’s Day and that was great.  The visit was wonderful and we enjoyed talking. The food that my Mom made was delicious, as usual. Their dog was happy to see us since it has been a while. Still no hugs or too much closeness. That was tough since we are family who hugs a lot and takes forever to say goodbye. Also, we arrived at their house with our masks on. We all wore them for part of the time as well.

This morning, I took a walk around our neighborhood. I took this picture of myself and the pretty flowers that are above.  My doctor said to still wear a mask while outside, so I am listening. I have some health issues that could be a problem with this virus. Nothing that serious but still. I have a lot of allergies and mild asthma. So, I am doing all that I can to take care of myself.

Still, I need to lose weight, exercise more, take better care of the piles of stuff around the house and us, and figure out some ways to curb my stress and worry.  But, I am taking it a day at a time and doing my best. I am trying to give myself permission for that since this is such a trying and unusual time for all of us.

It is also frustrating that I keep getting more grays in my hair and need a haircut. That really is the least of my worries. I mean really, I don’t even put on makeup much anymore unless I am doing a Zoom call or wanting to just look nice. Some of that just doesn’t matter right now.

Well, I am off to relax for the evening, watch a Star Wars movie, and have dinner with my son. We have been watching the entire series in release order. A movie a night-ish has been fun.  We also spend time reading and talking and trying to laugh as well.

Prayers for you and yours to stay healthy and keep doing well.  It is tough but we can do it. I know we can.  I hope to have more insight and interesting items to write next time. I just don’t have it in my right now.  That is frustrating but okay.