Last Monday of the Decade

Hi and Happy last Monday of the decade.  It is amazing to think that in a few days we will be starting a new year.  And a new decade.  2019 is almost finished and it is time for 2020 — almost.

It is odd that my love never saw this year that is almost finished.  It was a hard one for us with all of the firsts that we lived through after his death.  The fact he wasn’t here for any of 2019 is still hard to swallow, but we are trying.

2020 will have some major milestones for several family members, will be the year that Ian becomes a teenager (wow!), and will include more healing for us and many seconds.  Our life seems to be with Kirk and without Kirk. I am not sure how long that segmenting lasts but we are still in it.

I plan to write more in January and the rest of 2020.  Many months this year, I just couldn’t.  But as time has gone on, I have found it comforting and easier to share my feelings, my hurts, and those things that I am thankful for.  And, since this is just the second writing this month, I realize that I need to do more.

Over the Christmas week, I found a lot of quotes that I plan to write about in January.  I am inspired by these and thought it might be fun to share a few of my ideas about the meanings.  Ideas from you are also welcome.

A few quotes that come to mind as we celebrate this next to last day of this year and this decade:

  • “Don’t pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love,” — Dumbledore says to Harry in the last book of that great series
  • “Raise a glass to freedom something they can never take away.” — from Hamilton
  • “Security is a mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” — Helen Keller
  • “It’s not whether you get knocked down, but whether you get up.” — Vince Lombardi
  • “You are never to old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.” — C.S. Lewis
  • “It’s never to late to be what you might have been.” — George Eliot”
  • “Life is about change, sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful, but most of the time it’s both.” — Kristen Kreuk

May you have a great end of the year and a wonderful beginning of the new year. Blessings to you and yours. 

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