Blessing of Psalm 107:29

Several months ago, my friend Lisa gave me a leather wrap bracelet that was engraved with the scripture verse, Psalm 107:29.  It has been a real and tangible blessing to me.

Here is the scripture on the bracelet that also includes a silver cross with the word PEACE engraved on it.  It is part of this lovely gift.

“Lord, wrap me up in your peace while in the midst of this storm. 

“Calm the winds of fear and anxiety. 

“Speak to the waves that make me restless. 

“Send your angels to war on my behalf. 

“Keep me safe for you Lord are my anchor and my peace.” — Psalm 107:29

My friend knew exactly what I needed.  It has truly helped me.  I wear it almost every day, usually as a necklace.

I hope that it can help others who are also grieving, suffering through an illness, fearing the loss of a loved one, or any other issue that is a storm in their lives.

May you be comforted.  May you be uplifted.  May you be encouraged as I have been. God’s blessings to you.