What Would Willie Do?

Yesterday, I went shopping at a used bookstore.  I found a few treasures of books for myself and our son.  We all love books so this was a fun outing for us.  With these purchases, I found a bookmark that states, “What Would Willie Do?”

I started to get so emotional since this reminded me of my grandpa’s character Willie and my grandfather.  My grandpa meant the world to me as did his stories. He would weave amazing adventures and such fun.  We learned a lot from him and were entertained at the same time.

Willie is a favorite.  He is an elf who lives in the woods in a cabin.  He always gets in trouble during his adventures while looking for where rainbows come from.  This blog title is from what he said at the end of each of grandpa’s stories.  “I Still Wonder Where Rainbows Come From.”

In these amazing stories, I remember what Willie would do.  Willie would try to find his answer, have a problem, and need help from his friends along the way.  Isn’t that what we all do in life?  We all have our share of problems and issues, and need our loved ones to help us through them.

This character and my grandpa taught me so much and I am forever grateful for that. I will smile and have fond memories every time I read this bookmark.  I imagine it will mean something to me family too.

I will have to think more about what Willie would do and what Grandpa taught us through those stories.  I think the notion of finding out answers and not settling until you know is so important these days.  We must remember to think, reason, and consider what we believe and what we believe others are telling us.

I still wonder where rainbows and so much more come from.  I have always loved rainbows and all that they mean to my family.  May you be blessed by the beauty and wonder of them and of wondering itself.

On another note — This was supposed to be the month of quotes each day.  My time hasn’t gone at all as I expected.  Computer trouble, online access problems, sickness, and busy times with school and work have led to very little time to write.

I may try again in April for that month, but will have to see how it goes.  Again, if you have ideas for some quotes, please let me know.  Have a great day and happy almost spring!