Tuesday Tunes — Hamilton: The Musical

Hi and Happy Tuesday.  I cannot believe it has been a week since I wrote last time.  I have been so busy.  I did, however, want to write today about my favorite recent musical — Hamilton.

I have the CD of the original cast recording and love to listen to it.  My son and I have been singing along with our favorites and having a great time.  The writing is amazing, the music is great, and it is all so easy to sing along with.

There are so many varieties of amazing music — rap, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, jazz, and more.  Clearly not for everyone, but we love it.  The cast was and still is super talented and brings amazing life into each nuance of the characters and the songs.  And better still, it is all based on our nation’s history.

As a writer, I have been so impressed with the lyrics written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.  He is amazingly talented and crams so much into each verse or line of a song.  So much content and a great history lesson.

My sister and her family got to see the original cast production on Broadway.  They bought tickets before they became too expensive and are so glad they did.  All of them loved the show and were so happy to be there.  I so wish I could have gone with them.

Several of my sister’s friends have also seen the show as have mine.  Each of them have said the show is amazing, or phenomenal, or well worth the hype.  I think this musical is most deserving of the multiple Tony Awards, the Pulitzer Prize, and much more accolades the show and cast have received.

For my birthday, I received the original cast album (two CDs of 23 songs each), and a book about the making of the show, the writing of the show, and the people who were both on stage and backstage.  Not having seen the show, this was a great way to enjoy the entire experience.  I do still want to see the musical and hope that I can one day.

For now, I love singing with Ian on our favorite songs — My Shot, Alexander Hamilton, Yorktown, You’ll Be Back, What’d I Miss, One Last Time, The Room Where It Happens, Satisfied, and Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story.

Actually, we like every single song for different reasons.  Each stirs up happiness or sadness, a look into flawed people who fought for freedom, the importance of each life and contributions, the impact we make on others, and so much more.

The original Hamilton had quite a life.  This musical gave a voice to all that he did for our country.  I am so glad that Lin-Manual Miranda read that book on vacation.  Imagine if he hadn’t.  What would we have missed?

I am also glad to have been introduced to and/or seen more of the amazing talented original cast — Lin-Manuel Miranda, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Odom Jr., Christopher Jackson, Daveed Diggs, Jonathan Groff,  Anthony Ramos, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Okieriete Onoadowan, the ensemble, and the understudies.

I give it two thumbs up!  Great show and great fun.  Have you seen the musical?  Have you listened to the music?  If so, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.  (The images are from Power Point clip art.)

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