Our Favorite Words

Yesterday, Ian and I were talking about our favorite words. I don’t know how we got on this particular subject, but we did. And, I have to say, he has some great favorite words.

His list includes these five that he spelled and wrote on paper for me:

  1. astronomical
  2. telescopic
  3. telescope
  4. astronomy
  5. cosmology

His interests currently have to do with space, planets, the solar system, and science. So, this is a great and perfect list from him. They are great words and I am thrilled that he likes all of them.  Perhaps a future scientist in our family.

I then started to think about my favorite words and it was a very different list. My words weren’t so much about a subject or two that I am interested in, but instead words that mean something special to me.

Here are my top 20:

  1. family
  2. friends
  3. love
  4. peace
  5. respect
  6. hope
  7. faith
  8. kindness
  9. compassion
  10. joy
  11. honor
  12. forgiveness
  13. wonder
  14. beach
  15. rainbows
  16. music
  17. books
  18. writing
  19. ocean
  20. Brigadoon

These were the first that came to mind for me. I have a feeling on a different day, the list could change. In light of today’s world, many of these words have more resonance with me than they used to. I have really stopped to think about them and how to put them into action. Others are subjects of interest to me and some fond memories.

What are your favorite words?  Please share.

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