Followup to Our Freedoms, New President

FlagsHi and happy Monday.  I had an amazing response to my blog that I posted on Friday — On Freedoms and Our New President . Thanks so much to all that read it.  For those who gave comments, I thank you as well.

I have had responses from people I don’t know, acquaintances, and from my friends and family.  Only two were posted at the end of that blog and I responded to them.  Another one I have been reviewing and others were on Facebook.  I like that people are willing to discuss what they think, calmly and rationally.

I did notice that one of my friends from high school has totally opposite views on a few subjects than I do.  I thought that was very interesting and realize that it is a time to start a dialogue and learn about what each other thinks.  If we can’t do this, I don’t know how we can come together.

She thought that the media was the one twisting the facts and slanting things and trying to tell people what to think.  My view is that the administration is doing that and the media is reporting on it and often asking questions that the administration seems to not like to answer.

So, what do we do with this?  How do we reconcile opinions when they are so totally different?  I am not saying that she is wrong and I am right.  I don’t think that.  I just realize how different our viewpoints are.  And, I want to find a way to learn from one another and respect where each other is coming from.

I have known this friend for most of my life, lost touch for a while, and am recently back in touch with her.  I have many fond memories of our younger years and a lot of fun more recently with her.  I don’t want that to change.  So, I do want this to work.

Calmly talking to each other is a great first start.  Taking the time to listen and not telling each other to shut up would also be good.  Listening to learn about another side of an issue is extremely important to learn about issues and figure out a way to solve them.

On both the right and the left, there are certainly bends and leanings of all media.  Each news channel and newspaper seem to have opinions these days.  We often like to listen to the ones we agree with and often don’t understand or like what the other side has to say.

My major in college was journalism and my first job after that was as a reporter with a beat of county government, the county commission, the jail, the sheriff’s department, the courts, the school board, and other items as well.  I learned so much on this beat and was fascinated at how it all worked.  I will write another blog on that experience soon.

Back then, fact and opinion were always separate and not allowed to be co-mingled. Things have changed so very much since then.   As we all know now, opinion and commentary now are regular parts of the discussion.   Now anyone can create a blog and write his or her opinion.  We also have Facebook and Twitter to spread our message, whatever it may be.

My sincere hope and prayer is that we all can find a way to be more civil with one another, stop lying (from the top down), stop being so hateful, and instead respect each other.  All sides of issues are screaming and yelling and I really don’t like that.  If we keep yelling, we cannot listen to one another.  And, I think there are many people with ideas to contribute and make things better, if only we can stop all of the noise.

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