I Am Stunned

writingHi and Happy Thursday.  I decided to write today about two people in the national media who have truly stunned me.  I am not going to use their names since I don’t want to spotlight them.  But by my description, you will know who I am talking about.  Please allow me a few minutes on my soapbox.

These two grown men are not good role models.  They are both crass, condescending, rude to women, and think they are entitled to whatever they want.  One is running for president and the other is a music mogul and part of a famous family.  Both say anything they want, act any way that they want, and continue to get away with it.

This presidential candidate keeps threatening to sue one of his competitors, doesn’t answer questions in debates, repeatedly talks about how great he is but then doesn’t demonstrate it, and calls people liars. And, he complains repeatedly about how he is treated.  To me, that is laughable since he has been offensive to almost everyone.

To this person, I say it is time to start practicing the golden rule and be respectful of all people, including your competition.  Also, it is time to grow up and realize that politics is tough and can be nasty.  I wish that it wasn’t and am sick of it, but sadly that is the way of today’s world.  As President, you have to do what you feel is right for the country, despite all of the people who disagree with you, who hate what you stand for, and who try to stop you at every turn.

Debates are supposed to be about the issues and telling the American people what the candidate can do to make his/her life better.  For me, my life isn’t nearly as bad as the candidates keep saying it is.  And America has always been great and will continue to be so.  So, I continue to wait to hear from all of them what they can truly do for our country.  That could be started by people on both sides of the aisle figuring out a way to compromise.

The other man who I am truly stunned by is one who has been asking for money and lots of it on social media.  Actually he has asked for $53 million for personal debt.  How do you accrue that much debt?  I cannot even begin to imagine.  What has that money been spent on?  Or is it a ploy for something?

The other thing that stunned me is that he had the nerve to question why a billionaire would give money to a hospital in a poor country and not to him.  Let’s think about that for a minute.  Did I hear that right?  Hospitals, food banks, drinkable water, sewer, shelter, and schools are needed throughout the world.  That is a real problem and many people are helping to improve those conditions.

To this man, I say first and foremost, stop spending money you don’t have.  That is basic for those of us in the middle class.  We can only spend so much and have to save to buy more.  We have to plan for large purchases, get qualified for loans, and then make those payments.  Secondly, I would say, get a job and work like the rest of us have to.  In order to earn money, we have to have jobs and do actual and real work.  And finally, pay attention to those around you and see what you can do to help others.  We could all do a better job of that, couldn’t we?

Another thing that this person said was that he wants to sleep with someone who is not his wife and that he made this artist famous.  Again, appalling behavior.  Is that an okay thing for an “artist” to say?  I think not.  To me, marriage is sacred and we are to honor and respect our mates.  This is not doing that, not even close.  As far as this other artist, she had some comments when she won her Grammy Award a few nights ago that were so eloquent and made her point.  She made it clear that it wasn’t this person who helped her get where she is, but instead, her hard work, her sticking to it, and her loved ones who were supportive and with her along the way.

Okay, so I have vented.   Now I am going to pray for both of them.  And, I am going to pray that we have compassion for others, that we again learn to respect and revere those who work hard in our society, those who help others, those who are kind and loving, those who teach our children, those who protect us, those who fight crime and fires to keep us safe, and those who have our backs.

We are all part of a neighborhood, a community, a city, a state, a country, a continent, and the world.  We are in this together.  May we remember to always be kind to one another, even those we don’t agree with or like.  And may we keep our egos in check.

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