Hello December!

cropped-champagne-glasses.jpgCan you believe it’s the first day of December?  I sure can’t.   It is amazing that we are now in the last month of the year.  2015 has gone by so fast!  We just got back to school yesterday from a long Thanksgiving break and now we have three weeks until Christmas break.  Wow.  My how that time does fly.

I have always loved December.  It is the month of my birthday, my brother’s birthday, anniversaries, the Advent season, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, lots of fun with family and friends, special parties, gifts, crafts, New Year’s Eve, and so much more.  So many beginnings this month and so much to celebrate.  I look forward to a great December.

candles GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAToday (which is my birthday), I am thankful for:

  • An amazing Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family
  • Laughing with an old family friend
  • Opening special gifts from loved ones
  • Hearing my son say “Happy Birthday Mom”
  • A special birthday hug and kiss from my hubby
  • Another year of blessings
  • Lunch out with loved ones
  • My family and friends
  • Reasonably good health
  • Birthday wishes and old photos
  • The fun and craziness of the month of December
  • Holiday parties and festivities
  • Advent suppers and services
  • Counting my blessings
  • Holiday specials
  • Christmas movies and cartoons
  • Trimming the tree
  • Baking and making gifts
  • Drawing names for a gift exchange
  • Choosing a needy family to help
  • Having Ian pick toys for an angel tree gift
  • Having time to celebrate
  • Listening to “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year” by Andy Williams
  • Warm socks and sweaters
  • A glass of wine with a meal
  • Hot tea or coffee in the morning
  • Reminiscing about our younger years with my siblings and friends
  • My parents and all that they have done for me and provided for me

I wonder what fun adventures we will have on this 1st of December?  I can’t wait to find out.  Hope you have a great one too!