Camping Adventure


Hi and Happy Wednesday.  Life has been quite busy this week and will be this upcoming weekend as well.  Ian’s Cub Scout camping trip is this weekend.  We are looking forward to it and making sure we have all of the supplies we will need.

Ian is excited about it and a bit nervous.  I too am nervous since we are going somewhere we have never been before.  Still, it should be fun.  We just will be out of our routine and outside for much longer than we usually are.  Thankfully, the camp has bathrooms and water.

Ian has never camped before so it will be interesting to see what he thinks of it.  We will be spending one night at the campground.  I cannot wait to see what he thinks of the adventure.  I hope and pray that he has a fun time with the boys in his den and pack.

I haven’t been camping in years. I have many fond memories of camping when I was growing up.  We went to many State Parks and had a great time.  Two of my favorites were Cove Lake and Big Ridge State Park.

We had such fun and made some great food on these camping trips.  I loved cooking over a fire, in a box oven, and a tin can cooktop.  I also was in Camp Fire Girls and Boys growing up and learned many tricks and cool things.  Just hope that I can remember them!!

My family normally went with tents and a pop-up camper that had a hand crank.  We often would have one lamp and play cards after eating dinner.  And, we would tell stories and sing songs.  During Camp Fire camping, we strung up jungle hammocks in the trees for us to sleep in, and learned to make tables out of trees and rope.

This photo was taken at Laguna National Park in California this summer.  We had just bought Ian’s stuffed wolf and were enjoying a walk in the field and had seen some group camps.  It was a lovely day and a fun trip with my mother and her two sisters.  Their family had a cabin for camping that has since been torn down.

Now for the finishing touches for our trip. We just have to pack these and some other items in the car and be on our way:

  • Bug Spray, check
  • Cooler with drinks and extra food, check
  • Uniform and hat, check
  • First aid kit, check
  • Comfy shoes and warm clothing, check
  • Sleeping bags and pillows, check
  • S’mores fixins, check
  • Camera with charged batteries, check
  • Flashlights and water bottles, check.

I wonder how the trip will go and what Ian will think of it all?  I think he will have fun and so will we. At least I hope so.  I will let you know how our trip goes!

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