From The Mouths of Babes

“Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has been big.” — Catherine M. Wallace

It is all big stuff to a child, isn’t it?  This type of listening can be difficult to do at times, but it is very important both to them and to us.

After all, these kids are often very insightful and intelligent in their comments.  Other times, they are extremely funny.  They continue to amaze me.

Each day I look forward to hearing Ian’s thoughts and comments. His take on the world is fascinating.  He mostly talks about things that interest him such as Lego, Star Wars, and Minecraft, and the books he is reading.

He also comments on the world around him, his family and friends, school, and his activities. He is very smart and tuned in to what is happening and for that I am truly thankful.

When he wants to talk to me, I make a point to focus on him and truly listen.  I ask questions and have dialogue with him.  These interactions are some of my favorite times of the day.

I recently read a book of great quotes by children and young adults.  I wanted to share 10 of them with you and then a few thoughts.  Please feel free to add your thoughts as well.

  1. Despite all the loving and caring relationships in the world, there is nothing more loving than the feel of my mother’s hand on my forehead when I am sick.” — Rosemary, age 17 —   Isn’t that something that just helps so much when we are sick?  It sure does for me.  I can totally relate to this since I am well into my 40s and still need my mother when I am sick.
  2. Not all learning can be measured by grades.” — Beth, age 16 — Even without being graded, Ian is learning each and every day.  That will continue for years. There is so much out in the world to explore and find out about which is far beyond earning a grade.
  3. If you want something expensive, you should ask your grandparents.” — Matthew, age 12 — Ian has learned this early on, LOL!  His grandparents on both sides of our family are very generous and have provided a lot for him.  We as parents cannot indulge everything, so it’s nice to have someone who can on occasion.
  4. “My mom and dad love me no matter what.” — Abbey, age 8 — Unconditional love is so very important for kids and all of us.  Loving someone no matter what is what that kind of love is.  Kirk and I have that love for Ian and always will.  Always and forever, we will love him, and we regularly tell him so.
  5. “Sometimes the most loving answer is no.” — Leslie, age 12 — As hard as it is sometimes, kids have to be told no.  I remember several long conversations when Ian just didn’t want to hear no.  But, we stuck with that answer and he was fine and the better for it.
  6. “It is okay to fail, but it is never okay to give up.” — Kate, age 8 — “Do your best” is the Cub Scout motto and we are working on that with Ian as well.  Never giving up is the same idea and an important one to remember.
  7. “You will never be happy if all you do is think about all the things you don’t have.” — Christy, age 16 — When is it in life that we are content with what we do have?  I was thrilled to see this teenage girl making such a comment.  She is exactly right.
  8. “I appreciate my mom more than she knows.”– David, age 15 — I am blessed that Ian tells me that he loves me and he thanks me for things that I do for him.  I hope that we can let people know how much they mean to us.
  9. “You should never let your fears become the boundaries of your dreams.” — Robin, age 15 — I really like this and know the importance of pursuing and following our dreams.  Such a wise young person!
  10. “Childhood is not preparation for life.  It is life.”  James, age 9 — It is a great and busy life and one that Ian is enjoying each and every day.  I love that he is always in the moment and makes the most of each of them.  I have learned so much from him.

These are just a few of the amazing thoughts and comments by some wise children.

I wonder when Ian will next say something that amazes me?  I am sure it will be soon and I cannot wait!


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