May 28 – Pink


Hi and Happy Thursday.  For today’s Photo-A-Day Challenge, our word is Pink.  And, since it is also Throwback Thursday, I decided to use this photo from several years ago at the beach.

We were enjoying a cool evening with the breeze blowing in our hair.  Ian was quite young when this was taken. And, I am without any makeup, which is unusual for me.

I like the color pink – especially bright pink like I am wearing in this picture.  Pink is pretty in the sky at sunrise or sunset.  The colors across the sky are lovely.  I also like pink flowers and trees, and the color of my niece’s pointe shoes that she recently got for ballet.

Pink also is the name of a great singer, the first name of Pink Floyd, the color for breast cancer awareness, the color of girls and all things girly, the color of flamingos, and fabulous fuchsia.

I wonder what things I will see today that are pink?  I will be on the lookout for them.  Have a great one!

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