I’m How Old?!!!

img116Every once in a while I stop and realize how old I am and it is a shock since I still feel like I am in my 20s at times.  But I am actually in my late 40s. Gulp.  Where did that time go?  It seems to have flown by and yet, I have enjoyed each and every one of my years and have made the most of them.  I feel truly blessed.

This coming Sunday is the 25th anniversary of a church that I went to at the beginning — in 1990.  That was 25 years ago?  What the?  Gulp.  I do feel old. This photo is from the summer of 1990 with my dear Grandpa.  It is a treasure and a favorite of mine.

1990 was the year that I graduated from college and started my first professional job as a journalist at a small paper.  So this fall will be my 25th college reunion and I am looking forward to that very much.  I went to the 20th reunion that was five years ago. What the?  Already 5 years has passed?  Wow.

I loved that first job so much even though I didn’t make very much money.  It was a great learning experience and a great beat.  I met some fascinating people, covered a murder trial, interviewed a new slate of commissioners, and watched as the county built a new jail.

This was the time that I met my friend and paramedic Gordon D. who gave me priceless advice of never being a grave hugger.  I will always remember him and our chats at the ambulance service.  I heard some the dirtiest and funniest jokes in my entire life from him and his co-workers.  And learned how important it is to make the most of each and every moment that we are given.

That was also the year that I got to know a judge quite well.  He explained things to me about several cases that he was presiding over.  He was an amazing mentor and teacher and someone who I am honored to have known. He has since retired but served our county very well.

The staff of the newspaper was also amazing.  I am back in touch with several of them and it is so very special.  They were part of the start of my professional life and to be in touch again means more than I can say.

In my 20s, my career got going and I loved each new experience and all of the articles that I wrote.  I then switched over to technical writing.  In my 30s, I got married and started an amazing journey with Kirk.  We have traveled to great places and have had a blast.  And, my career grew and I finally landed my dream job.  Bliss.

Then two months after Ian was born, I turned 40 years old. My life totally changed again.  My career was put on hold for Ian and I have never regretted that.  Now that he is in school, I am happy to be able to work at home, have time to write, and serve at his school and in activities with him.  I truly feel that I have the best of both worlds.

Each decade has brought me amazing blessings. I keep learning more and more and my heart grows larger each and every year.  There has been painful loss over the years and also amazing blessings and new gifts.  But throughout it all, I have grown and learned and am thrilled for the journey.

Next summer will be my 30th high school reunion.  I hope to serve on the planning committee again with a great group of gals.  I love my class and love that we enjoy seeing each other and spending time together.  Again, I can’t believe it’s almost three decades since high school.  Gulp.

It is amazing that the 50 year mark is right around the corner.  That still is shocking and I imagine will be tough.  But, my life has been a great one so I will celebrate and be thankful for each and every one of my years.

I wonder if I will continue to appreciate each moment and make the most of it?  I plan to do exactly that.  After all, we have a young child who I am loving watch grow up.  There is much to still live for!


Happy Birthday today to my niece Gussie.  She is 15 years old.  I remember when she was a baby.  She has grown into such a lovely young woman!  It is amazing to see!

Happy late birthday to her cousin Justin, who turned 14 years old on Sunday.  He is a wonderful young man.  We love them both very much.  Ian wishes you both a very Happy Birthday!

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