Throwback Thursday – The Sound of Music

Mairzy and Patti as Nuns Sound of MusicHi and Happy Thursday!  Can you believe it has been 50 years since “The Sound of Music” was released? Amazing!  Here is a Throwback Thursday photo of me with my mother from our community theater’s production of “The Sound of Music” play.

A few songs are different than the movie but the overall story is the same.  In this production, Mom and I were nuns and in the chorus.  My sister played Marta and did a great job.  It was fun to perform all of the songs that we grew up listening to in the movie.

Yesterday, I tried to think of how many times I have seen this amazing movie.   I can’t count that many. I remember seeing it once at a movie theater and that was fantastic.  Most of the time, however, we watched it on television.  I never liked that as much since they cut some of my favorite scenes out.

Then one year, I got the DVD for Christmas.  I think this was an anniversary special so it has lots of tidbits and news about the cast and the making of the movie.  It was great to have my own copy so I could sing each and every song while watching it.  I do love to do that.  How about you?

Last night, ABC’s 20/20 had a great behind the scenes special.  Diane Sawyer interviewed Julie Andrews.  In addition, they traveled to Austria together and visited the various places the movie was filmed.  It was fun to see her and Christopher Plummer and hear some of the stories about filming this classic movie.  I just wish they had talked more about the kids who are now all grown up.

It was also a treat to see the real Maria Von Trapp singing with Julie Andrews.  That was truly special and they sounded great together. I think they were singing “Edelweiss.”  I hadn’t realized that she was actually in a scene of the movie.  Or that Christopher Plummer is a classically trained pianist.

As a child, I simply loved the story and all of the music.  And the children seemed to be having such fun with this cool young woman.  Now, I appreciate what the message of the movie was to me – of being confident and following your dreams and finding what makes you happy.  These are very important lessons in life to remember.  Also, that there is real and true love.  And let’s not forget that the right curtains can make some great play clothes.

I truly love all of the songs from this movie and love to sing them — “My Favorite Things,” “So Long, Farewell,” “Do Re Me,” “Climb Every Mountain,” “I Am Sixteen,” “Edelweiss,” and the list goes on.  At the Academy Awards, Lady Gaga did a gorgeous medley and blew me away.  Her voice was amazing and Julie Andrews herself seemed to enjoy it.  WOW!

Happy Anniversary to all those involved in this my favorite musical!

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