January 29 – Summer/Winter

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Thursday.  Today’s photo challenge is Summer/Winter.  The lady who gives these challenges lives in Australia where it is summer. I enjoy seeing photos from all over the world that other people post.

Where I live it is winter, but I decided to post a summer picture.  It is also a Throwback Thursday photo since it was taken several years ago at the beach. We were on a pier looking into the ocean.  I am not sure if Ian saw a fish, people surfing, or something else.  He was clearly interested and pointing to something.

I was trying to decide if I like summer more or winter.  For a few years after Ian was born, we spent much of the winter in south Florida.  That was fun and the perfect time of year to be there.  However, I also like a little bit of snow and a chance to play in it, make snow angels, and snow cream.  But, I am not made for a long, cold, and brutal winter.

For summer, the best weather for me is southern California. I love that the humidity is low and a jacket is needed at sunset.  Both Tennessee and North Carolina are often very humid and uncomfortable in the middle of summer.  So, air conditioning and swimming are necessities, as well as ice cream, lots of ice water, and water you can run through in the yard.

Whatever the season, I try to make the best of it.  I try not to complain or wish for different weather.  Nothing we can do about it, so why not make the best of what there is.

Today I am thankful for:

  • A light dusting of snow this week
  • A mild winter so far
  • The opportunity to see family and friends this summer
  • The week winding down
  • A gorgeous sunny day yesterday
  • Running errands this morning before the rain comes
  • A bowl of oatmeal with fruit for breakfast
  • Morning hugs and messy hair
  • The healing of a hurt nose
  • Memories of wonderful summer vacations
  • Hot chocolate and visits with my parents
  • Shopping at a massive arts and craft store
  • My family and friends
  • Working on a race car with Ian
  • Looking forward to the month ahead

I wonder what the rest of this winter will bring?  Hopefully at least one snow day.  We’ll see!

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