bee2On Saturday we went to an outdoor wedding.  It was a lovely location and a very fun day.  But towards the end of it, Ian ran off with a few young boys.  I then was talking and dancing and having a blast.  Then, I looked around for him and couldn’t find him.

Uh-oh, where is he?  Behind a small building on the property were some woods.  Next thing I knew, he was running out the woods crying.  Mom ran off the dance floor over to him.

I then saw several bees still on him.  And, he starting screaming and crying more since he was in pain.  He received four stings — one just under his left eye, one on his neck, and two on his hand.  I was trying to help get the bees off him and I also got stung — on my wrist and arm.

Thankfully, the best man is a first responder and had a first aid kit with him.  He used a card to scrape off the stinger and poison and then used a sting relief item.  Ice packs also helped with the swelling.  Band-aids were place on his neck and hand, but not his face.  We just dabbed that sting. And a friend of the bride had an epi pen — just in case.

Ian was quite upset as this was happening.  The dance music was going on in the background.  A bit surreal.  When he can see his boo-boos or something that hurts him, he gets more upset.  So those band-aids were a godsend.

I am happy to say that Ian is not allergic to bees.  Praise the Lord.   Soon after this all happened, we left and went home.  Then Ian calmed down and went to sleep.  The next morning when he woke up, Ian looked at his stings and said, “I can’t believe these are gone already.  In just one day, that is amazing Mom.”  I replied, “I know Ian.  That is great.”  He then grinned from ear to ear.

We then had a chat about being careful about going into the woods, especially without an adult.  He told me he had been looking for a stick.  He apparently upset the bees.  I think we have learned our lesson and it could have easily been poison ivy, which I am very allergic to.

I have to say thanks to all of the people who helped and asked about him.  He also received prayer support which was fabulous.  He now is fine and has learned some valuable lessons.

(The photo is from Microsoft Power Point clip art.)  If only real bees were this cute.

I wonder if we will be seeing any other bees this fall?  I sure hope not.  But if we do, I hope we can avoid them this time! Stay safe!


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