So Not Fashion Forward

DSC00725Hi and Happy Monday!  Over the weekend, I read a fashion magazine full of the latest styles and trends, cutting edge fashion, some pricey items, and a lot of pale faces.  I realized, this is so not me.  I am so not fashion forward.

High fashion is something that a lot of people like and are fascinated with.  There are shows about it and a huge industry.  And Carrie on “Sex And The City” was always looking for the next great, but expensive, pair of heels.  Not me.  I prefer flip-flops, tennis shoes, flats, or chunky heels.

In addition, I prefer hand-me-downs, garage sales, yard sales, consignment shops, and Goodwill stores.  Other stores I like to shop in are Target, Walmart, and Kmart. You get the idea.

The latest look of no makeup on the models is a bit odd. This look was throughout this magazine that I read.  To me, if I want to look like I have no makeup on, I just don’t wear it. I won’t be paying money to put on makeup for the same effect.

And most of the sizes in this particular magazine, I couldn’t wear.  I am a plus-size woman.

So why may you ask, was I reading this magazine?  I like to read about what is current but still make my own decisions about what I will wear.  And, we got the magazine for free by cashing in unused frequent flier miles. See, I can’t pass up a great bargain!

Over the years of my bargain shopping, I have found some great deals.  One was a lovely Liz Claiborne purse for $5 at a consignment shop.  It is cream-colored, just the right length of strap and a great size.  The shop was having a deal of any 4 items for $20.  That purse was part of the deal.

Other bargains have been lovely blouses, scarves, and shoes.  I know that may be gross, but I wear socks with them, have sprayed them, and only buy those in decent shape.  After all, there is nothing like a worn-in pair of shoes.  And, since my feet are wide, it takes a while to find comfortable shoes.

Perhaps this is TMI but I figured, why not share my quirks? I think we all have them regarding fashion.

My favorite things in fashion are the accessories.  I love to wear hats, scarves, pins, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces — but not all at once.  I like the variety of them and how much they add to an outfit. I am always on the lookout for the next fun and unique piece or something that just catches my eye.  I shop in a few great places that sell everything for $5.  I make a point to go when these deals are available.

When I was working full-time, I was called the hat lady since I wore hats so much.  I liked that and continue to wear them.  And, I like big or long earrings.  I think they work well with short hair.  Here I am with Ian — notice our hats, and my earrings.

This morning I found out that August 9th was National Garage Sale Day.  Who knew there was such a day?  I didn’t!  I wish I had known.  Perhaps that weekend, I could have gone out to celebrate!

Are you someone who has to have the latest trend? Or are you more like me, trying to find the bargain version or just creating your own style, regardless of what is current? I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn about your quirks.

Have a great Monday!

2 thoughts on “So Not Fashion Forward

  1. I am not very fashion forward either (as you may notice from seeing me in my running gear twice a day). I like to be comfortable. Sometimes I am envious of those who can throw together outfits and put items together. So I went shopping with a more fashionable friend. By shopping I mean we went to a consignment shop. 🙂

    P.S. I like your hats and accessories!

    • Hi Kate, I like to be comfy too! I know what you mean about putting items together too. That can be a challenge. I too LOVE shopping at the consignment shops! Some of the best places and lovely things. Thanks so much for commenting! Patti

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