Summer Throwback Thursday

June.5_TTFor today’s Throwback Thursday, I decided to include a picture of Ian at the beach a few years ago.  He looks like he is talking about what he wants to do next.

Just like me, he loves the beach and always has such fun while he is there. Then again, being a kid he is happy in whatever he is doing.  I love how he has taught me to live in the moment.

We’ve almost finished our first week of summer and we are having a blast!  We attended a fun cookout, have been playing at home, reading books for the summer reading program, eating ice cream cones at home a few times, spending time on the computer, and coloring and doing other art projects. So far so good.

Summer and the living is easy and fun.  We are sleeping in a little bit — well just 30 minutes so far.  Hopefully as we go along there will be some later mornings but I doubt it. After a year of getting up at the same time 5 days a week, it’s hard to change for summer.

A few things I am thankful for this week:

  • Listening to Ian read a book that he chose at the library (and he did such a great job)
  • Enjoying chocolate mint ice cream on a cone with Ian
  • Taking our time with breakfast and our mornings
  • Smiling as Ian sings a favorite Bon Jovi song
  • Savoring coffee made each morning by Kirk
  • Shopping at the store with my guys and choosing some special treats
  • Having family over for dinner
  • Talking to an old friend
  • Attending a cookout at my parents’ house and having a blast
  • Sweating outside and then coming into the air-conditioned house
  • Staying home all day

I wonder what the rest of this first week of summer will bring?  I hope it’s something fun and can’t wait to find out.  Take care!