GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAsneezeTis the season for sneezes, runny noses, and pollen.  Lots of pollen.

Pollen has been super high in our community for the past two weeks and we are suffering because of it.  We all have the crud and it isn’t fun.

This lovely Dogwood and other trees have been the culprits for the last week.  As pretty as they are, I can’t be outside with them very much.  I may have to get out a mask to wear when I go out.

This pollen of course makes it difficult in walking to and from school.  This morning, Ian said, “Mommy, we need to walk more to school.”  I told him, “Ian, I am not feeling very well today so we can’t walk today. Perhaps another time.”

“Okay Mommy,” he said reluctantly. He seemed to understand as he too has been suffering this year from the pollen.  With recess most days at school, he is outside quite a bit.

It is so frustrating that the beauty of spring always gets to me.  Darn that pollen!  Aaaaa-choooo!

On this day with congestion and other issues, I am thankful for:

  • Antihistamines and decongestants
  • Hot tea
  • Antibiotics when needed
  • Soup for lunch
  • Air conditioning and windows that close
  • A comfy pillow for an afternoon nap
  • Kleenex
  • Cough drops
  • A hot shower
  • Hugs from my husband and son
  • A good book to read
  • Time to recover
  • Water and juice

I wonder how much longer the pollen will be at high levels.  I hope it’s not much longer.  Rain is expected soon so hopefully that will help some.

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