Happy (Late) Siblings Day / Three of A Kind

3 kidsHi and Happy Friday!  I am a day late with Siblings Day, but still wanted to write about my brother and sister.  I found out this morning that it was Siblings Day on April 10.  Where have I been?

And, Today’s photo challenge is Three of A Kind.  I’d have to say that the three of us are that.  We are alike in a lot of ways, yet different too!  So, these photos speak for that as well.  Here is a photo taken in the fall of last year and the one below is from 2006.

I love my sister Cindy and my brother Richmond.  We are all close and I feel very fortunate for that.  We may not have gotten along all the time as kids but now as adults with our own families, our relationships have changed for the better.  What a blessing!

We regularly get together and that is great.  Most times when we are with our parents, Mom wants to take a picture of the three of us.  So we probably have hundreds.  And, each and every one is a great memory of our time together.

To celebrate this day, I received very nice notes and pictures from my bro and sis. My sister said she is blessed to have a brother and sister who have shared summers at the beach, afternoons playing in the woods, grandpa’s stories, mom’s camp fire fun, and dad’s driving lessons.  My brother shared a funny picture of the three of us sneaking cookies at Mom and Dad’s house and mentioned, after all these years, we still steal cookies.

DSC06098Aren’t they awesome?  I sure think so.  To both of them, I say thank you for these kind words and love!  We have shared so many wonderful memories, have laughed a lot, have been in each other’s weddings, have been there when our children were born, and have shared some tough times losing our grandparents.

I couldn’t ask for a better sister and brother.  I only wish I could see them more than I do.  I also love each of their spouses!  They are my siblings as well and I am happy that they are part of us and our family.

I am blessed to have a brother and sister who have shared a cross-country trip in our small hatchback, camping at state parks and making s’mores, family singalongs, stories by Grandpa, playing pounce, long summers at the beach, playing in our back yard and neighborhood, often walking to school, sharing holidays and birthdays, the Highland Games, Easter sunrise services outside at the marina, and many more special times.

I love my sister and brother!  Happy late Siblings Day to the two of you!

Throwback Thursday / Favorite Time of the Day

P7240424 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi and happy Thursday.  Today is Throwback Thursday and for the photo challenge, it is Favorite Time Of Day.  I decided to post two photos from several years ago.

Especially when at the beach and in the summer, my favorite time of day is sunset.  It is lovely and such fun and a great time for pictures. I also like the time of day in general since it’s time to wind down and discuss our day and have relaxing time as a family.

There is always so much to do in the morning that I like the contrast of time to relax, watch some television or read a good book, have some dessert or fruit, and then enjoy being together.

The hard part in the summer is that the sun doesn’t go down until nearly 10 p.m.  As we go through spring, the days get longer and I have to close doors so that Ian knows that it’s time for bed.

I love our routine before bed – milk for him, we read a story, we say our prayers, potty one last time, and then to bed.  He always give daddy a goodnight hug and kiss and gives mommy the last kiss and hug of the day.

One thing that always said sunset and the end of the day to me was a song we sang at Camp Fire sleepovers – Taps – “Day is done, gone the sun.  From the hills, from the lake, from the skies. All is well, safely rest. God is nigh.”

What is your favorite time of day?  I’d love to hear from you.

I wonder how tonight’s sunset time will be?  I bet it will be lovely through our trees which are blooming.

Thoughtful Tuesdays – I Thought So!

Change.Hi and Happy Tuesday.  In order to have more variety on Tuesdays, I decided to add another theme.  That way I can alternate with the new theme of Thoughtful Tuesdays with Tuesday Tunes.  On these days, I will write about things I have been thinking about, assorted and random thoughts of mine and others, as well as ways to be thoughtful to other people in our life and who we meet.

Today’s I Thought So! is about something that happened on Sunday morning before church.  We stopped by a local gas station to get a newspaper and some Easter candy for Ian.  After deciding that was all we wanted, the clerk rang up my order.  He said, Your total is $2.28.  So I gave the clerk $5.03.

He looked at me funny and said, “You sure must want a lot of change back.” As I was standing there, I thought to myself, did I give him the wrong amount?  Did I make a mistake?  I didn’t speak up since I wasn’t totally sure. Do you know what amount I was trying to get back?

We then got in the car and I whipped out my phone, which includes a calculator.  I subtracted $2.28 from $5.03 and saw the total that I thought it would be.  I thought so!  I knew so!  I then said out loud to Ian, “That clerk didn’t know the correct change to give to me.”  He said, “Okay Mommy” and went back to playing with his Lego Minifigure.  He didn’t know and didn’t seem to care.

Then I debated going back into the store to tell the clerk what I had been thinking would be my change.  After a minute of hemming and hawing, I decided against doing that since I didn’t want to come across as a know-it-all.  Besides, the store was packed with people, Ian was already belted in his booster seat, and we needed to get to church. So off we went.

I doubted myself since I’ve never been as strong at math as writing.  Words have always been my thing, not numbers.  Until I worked for three summers while in college at an Arby’s Restaurant.  That job was great for earning money, meeting some fun people, and learning how the real world works.

It also helped with my math skills. I worked on the cash registers and often was in the drive-thru at lunch.  During that quick time, I had to learn to count back change since our cash registers didn’t figure it out for us.

So in this case, with a total of $2.28, and giving $5.03 to the clerk, the change that I should have received was $2.75. I thought so! I was proud of myself for figuring that out in my head, but not so proud that I doubted myself and then didn’t speak up.  I will have to work on that. But still remember to be kind and thoughtful to someone else. Clearly a challenge at times.

(Thanks to Power Point for the clip art cash register. I thought it would be a fun image to include.)

I wonder when I can put my math skills to use again.  Lord knows I need to!  LOL.  Have a great day.


Be Writing!

writingHi and Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  It sure went fast and now we are back to the start of another week.  Time flies when you are having fun.

The Five Minute Friday challenge on April 4 was “Writer.”  I think that is so funny since I couldn’t write about it that day since I was at a writing seminar.  The theme for this year’s seminar was, “Don’t Be A Writer, Be Writing.”  Isn’t that great?  The important thing is to write as often as you can, hopefully each day.

One of the speakers talked about writer’s block.  His take was great and quite funny and inspiring as well.  He said that surgeons and people in other jobs don’t say they don’t feel inspired for surgery so they aren’t going to do them.  The same is for writers, you have to do the work.  He said that you have to sit your ass in the seat and write.

A bit crass but right on the money.  This was a great thing for me to hear.  Some days I feel like writing and the words just come to me, other days, it is a struggle.  Even in the times of struggle, continuing to work on my craft is very important.

Every speaker I heard was inspiring and knew their topics very well.  I had the pleasure of learning more about poetry, non-fiction writing, fiction writing, editing, writing for young people, writing a 10 minute play, and blogging.  Each person brought a unique perspective and gave me new ideas and a zest to want to keep at this writing.

For years, writing was my vocation and that was an amazing blessing.  Now it is a hobby/passion and may also become a vocation again at some point. In the meantime, I plan to keep at it.

POD_July.31_Workspace.1Here is one of the locations where I write.  The photo at the top of the blog is from Power Point clip art.

I also have a notebook /journal to take with me where I take notes.  I write down things I see, lists of projects, conversations I hear, sermon notes, quotes, and other things that inspire me.  This was something that one of the speakers mentioned as being an important tool for a writer.

The seminar was a place I also saw some friends and made some new ones.  Writers are a fun and unique group of people.  I was honored to be in their company. I will be keeping in touch with many of them and hope to be more involved in the group who planned and organized the seminar.

I wonder what else will inspire me today?  I will be on the lookout!  Hope you will be as well!

Happy Sunday!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHope you are having a great and lazy weekend!  Sundays are great for that, aren’t they?

I had a great weekend — attending a writing seminar and having time with friends and family.  I will be writing some about that tomorrow and throughout the week.

This photo was taken 2 years ago at the beach.  It just says relaxation to me.  It is on the deck of a great restaurant at my favorite beach.

What have you done this weekend?  Did you get some lazy time?  Hope you did and hope you had a great time.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  I am looking forward to all that is in store.

Throwback Thursday / Random Thoughts

DSC00725Hi and Happy Thursday!  For Throwback Thursday, I wanted to use a photo I really like of me with Ian. This was taken many years ago at the beach.  We were sitting together and looking at something.  We are both very into what we are doing and having fun.

I like that we are both wearing hats and that he is sitting on my lap. I like that this picture captured both of us totally enjoying what we are doing. I love to wear a hat and wish it would come back in style.  This is on of my favorite hats. And a baseball cap on a boy is precious.

Living in the moment is something that he has taught me so well.  I find I can do that more and more with him.  Yes, we do have fun together.


For this blog I also wanted to include some random thoughts.

**This week has been full of ups and downs — from losing a dear person to spending precious time with family and friends.  That was the upside of the memorial service.  We had the chance to catch up with dear family and friends we hadn’t seen in years. Some very special memories were made despite the sadness.  We truly appreciated her precious life.

**My son lost his second front tooth over the weekend.  It is hard to believe that my baby now has permanent teeth coming into his mouth.  This was a week after the other front tooth came out.  Ian placed the tooth under his pillow and discovered the next morning money and a treat from the tooth fairy and no tooth.  He was very pleased.  The tooth fairy has been busy.

**30 years ago yesterday, I was run over by a car and survived.  This wasn’t an April Fool’s joke but something that really did happen.  I still can’t believe it and am so thankful that I had a second chance at life. Two years ago, I wrote a blog about it.  You can read it at https://patticates247.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/my-miracle-no-foolin/ . Please check it out.  Have you witnessed or been part of a miracle? Please share with me and our readers.

**Earlier this week, I was re-reading my blogs since I am now in the 400s, in amounts of what I have posted.  I had forgotten some of what I’d written about but enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  When I first started, I was doing more writing and very little images. Lately I have been incorporating photos and photo challenges and writing along with that.  I guess the more I do this, the more places I am finding to be inspired.  I don’t, however, want to get away from the writing since that is my passion and what the blog is really about.

The thing I like about it is that it is similar in style to how my grandfather used to write.  He was my inspiration for this blog. I wanted to highlight a few of my postings from 2011, 2012, and 2013.  I hope you will check them out again or for the first time.

I wonder what subjects, photos, quotes, or people will inspire me next?  I cannot wait to find out!!  Have a great rest of the week.