Throwback Thursday – Easter Egg Hunt

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Thursday!  Hope you have a great day.  Today is Maundy Thursday. as well as Throwback Thursday.

This photo is from 3 years ago during an Easter Egg Hunt at church.  Ian was having as much fun studying the grass as he was looking for eggs. And, as you can see in the basket, he got a few new Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars that day.

For the last few years, he has participated in the egg hunt at both church and with the family.  We have a big get together with cousins and grandparents and siblings and part of the fun is the hunt in my parent’s yard.

After the egg hunts, Ian has enough candy to last until Halloween!  At least by then, if it hasn’t all been eaten, we’ll toss it for the next holiday.

On this upcoming Easter Weekend, I am thankful for:

  • Remembering Christ’s body and blood in communion during tonight’s Maundy Thursday service
  • Appreciating what Christ did for me on Good Friday
  • Singing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” on Easter morning and knowing the gift He gave to us
  • Saying “He is Risen.  He is Risen Indeed” on Easter morning and all day
  • Celebrating with family and friends with a great meal, visiting, gift giving, and egg hunts
  • Watching my son as he hunts for eggs with his cousins
  • Savoring my mother’s twice baked potatoes
  • Laughing with my cousins and brothers and sisters
  • Enjoying our time together as a family and saying a prayer of thanks
  • Taking pictures and making new memories
  • Having an extra day at home with Ian to have fun and enjoy the time together

I wonder what else this long weekend has in store.  It will be fun to find out. Hope you have a great one!

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