Ouch! On Teeth and Other Things

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are having a great day. This week we are having a Dogwood winter and it’s cold.  We were already getting ready for spring-like weather and now back to coats again.  Sheesh!

On Monday afternoon, I had oral surgery.  Two of my teeth were removed.  I had been worried about it since I had pain in my mouth.  But things went much better than I thought they would.  Thank goodness for that!

One tooth was a baby tooth and pretty small.  It is odd to finally have it gone.  But I didn’t have an adult tooth under it.  It cracked recently and had to come out.  The other tooth was a full-sized molar.  They let me keep them.  Gross but amazing how large that adult tooth was.  No wonder it hurts.

This photo is of Ian’s mouth and the first tooth he lost.  I thought it would be cute to include in this blog.  He now is missing his two front top teeth.

Monday night after the procedure, we went to my parents for dinner.  Ian was there already and was concerned about me.  He wanted to be sure Mommy was okay. I told him that I would be fine but that I was in some pain and my cheeks were a little swollen.  Kirk and Ian ate a regular dinner.  I had soup and a milkshake and it was really good.

Yesterday was a recovery day for me.  I rested, drank a lot of liquids, took medication, and ate or should I say drank soup, pudding, yogurt, milkshakes, peanut butter pie, and pear sauce (I am allergic to applesauce).  For the most part, I didn’t have pain and was so thankful for that.  Then this morning, I slept in — as a result of all of that pain medication.

The funny thing about a liquid diet is that it is hard to feel full.  I am used to real food but can’t quite do that yet. Now I am feeling the pain meds wear off.  I probably need to take some Tylenol today instead of the strong stuff, but will use what I need to as I need to.

My husband and son have been taking great care of me, as have my parents.  They have been good to all of us! I feel very blessed and so thankful the whole experience wasn’t worse than it is.


Just one more day of school this week for Ian!  He gets Good Friday off so we will have a long weekend.  I don’t know what we will be doing but it should be fun to spend extra time with my guys.  Ian enjoys staying home to play and that is often fine with me.  We may go to the library and park, if the weather is nice.  But we’ll have to see.


We have a bird’s nest on our upstairs deck.  The bird found a little corner.  It was amazing to watch the nest come together so quickly.  We will be watching for baby birds.  Ian was curious about it and looks at the bird each day after school.  We can see the nest outside our home office.


A few things that I am thankful for today:

  • Extra time with my husband and son this week
  • Pain medication that really works
  • Chocolate milkshakes
  • A mother bird protecting her nest
  • Blue sky on a cold morning
  • Sleeping in
  • Time to recover and get the rest I need

I wonder what new adventures today will bring?  I am sure it will be something interesting.  And, I hope that you have a great day!

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