Be Writing!

writingHi and Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  It sure went fast and now we are back to the start of another week.  Time flies when you are having fun.

The Five Minute Friday challenge on April 4 was “Writer.”  I think that is so funny since I couldn’t write about it that day since I was at a writing seminar.  The theme for this year’s seminar was, “Don’t Be A Writer, Be Writing.”  Isn’t that great?  The important thing is to write as often as you can, hopefully each day.

One of the speakers talked about writer’s block.  His take was great and quite funny and inspiring as well.  He said that surgeons and people in other jobs don’t say they don’t feel inspired for surgery so they aren’t going to do them.  The same is for writers, you have to do the work.  He said that you have to sit your ass in the seat and write.

A bit crass but right on the money.  This was a great thing for me to hear.  Some days I feel like writing and the words just come to me, other days, it is a struggle.  Even in the times of struggle, continuing to work on my craft is very important.

Every speaker I heard was inspiring and knew their topics very well.  I had the pleasure of learning more about poetry, non-fiction writing, fiction writing, editing, writing for young people, writing a 10 minute play, and blogging.  Each person brought a unique perspective and gave me new ideas and a zest to want to keep at this writing.

For years, writing was my vocation and that was an amazing blessing.  Now it is a hobby/passion and may also become a vocation again at some point. In the meantime, I plan to keep at it.

POD_July.31_Workspace.1Here is one of the locations where I write.  The photo at the top of the blog is from Power Point clip art.

I also have a notebook /journal to take with me where I take notes.  I write down things I see, lists of projects, conversations I hear, sermon notes, quotes, and other things that inspire me.  This was something that one of the speakers mentioned as being an important tool for a writer.

The seminar was a place I also saw some friends and made some new ones.  Writers are a fun and unique group of people.  I was honored to be in their company. I will be keeping in touch with many of them and hope to be more involved in the group who planned and organized the seminar.

I wonder what else will inspire me today?  I will be on the lookout!  Hope you will be as well!

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