March 28 – Nostalgia

Fran.Dick.ArthaHi and Happy Friday.  I am so glad it’s Friday.  We will have a weekend with family and friends and that will be nice.  Today it is raining and washing away my tears. Well, at least part of them.

Today’s photo challenge is Nostalgia.  For this photo, I decided to include one of Grams with my other grandparents who I had the pleasure of knowing.  The three of them are in Heaven together and amazing angels.  They are all greatly missed and loved.

I love how happy they all are.  This is how I remember the three of them.  From left are Fran, Dick, and Artha. I learned so much from all three of these fine people.  I only wish I could have met Fran’s hubby, my grandpa Crawford.  He passed away before I was born.

For most of my life, these gems of people were in my life.  Grams (Fran) passed away a few days ago. I was 29 years old when Grandpa (Dick) passed, and 32 years old when Grandma (Artha) passed.  I feel truly blessed and honored to have had them in my life for so long.

This nostalgic picture is great of the wood panel wall, the gold curtain, the pattern of the couch, their clothing, and glasses.  I just love it.  It immediately brings me back to my childhood.

I wonder what other fond and nostalgic memories I will have today?  I am sure there will be some.  Have a great weekend!!


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