March 6 – Chair / Throwback Thursday

POD_March.6_Chair-Hi and Happy Thursday!  Today’s photo challenge is Chair.  And, since it’s Throwback Thursday, I went with this oldie of me sitting on my Grandpa’s lap.

This chair was at a dear friend’s house and we were having fun visiting.  You can see we are both all smiles and his lap made another great chair for me. I like the color and how shiny the chair is, which is so perfect for the era.  Don’t see many like this anymore.  I can’t remember if it was a recliner or rocking chair or what exactly.

My Grandpa is the one who inspired this blog.  He was so very special to me and I still miss him very much. This was much younger than I remember him looking but it’s still the same smile and joy that he had of seeing his grandchildren.

The clothes are certainly circa late 60s, which is when I think this was taken.  I’ll have to ask my mom for the exact year. I really like Grandpa’s yellow shirt and his sweater.  And, my pink and white polka dot dress with matching hat are wonderful and such fun.  I still love to wear hats and often do.  They just don’t match so perfectly as this one did.

The same day this photo was taken, I sat on my dad’s lap.  It too is one of my favorite pictures.  I love to see these men who have always been so important in my life at a time that I don’t really remember.  Both old and new photos are very special to me. This one and several others I have are real treasures.  And, I love to hear the stories behind them from my parents and other relatives.

I wonder what other treasures I will find with my pictures?  I can’t wait to find out.  And, what interesting chairs I will come across?  Should be fun.  Have a great day!

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