February 24 – Half

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHere is half of a sign at my son’s school.  Do you know what it stands for?  Since today’s photo challenge is Half, I thought this would make for a fun photo.  The answer is at the end of the blog.

These are some expressions or items that came to mind when thinking about half.

Is the glass half empty or half full for you?  For me it is normally half full since I am mostly a positive person.  Not always but usually.  And, if I like the drink in the glass, it’s quickly empty. LOL!

I was half out of my mind with worry.
Regarding being half out of my mind with worry, have you been like that?  I have and it isn’t a good feeling.  Worry doesn’t solve anything except give me an upset stomach or make me want to eat more.  So I am working on that.

“I have half a mind to…” is sometimes said in midst of anger.  This is an expression that I have head primarily in the south.  Someone has half a mind to tell someone off is the end of that, give them a talking to, or let somebody have it.  They may be more bark than bite, but who knows?

“This is my better half” I know several older couples from church and the men often introduce their wives this way.  I think it scores them some points as it’s a sweet thing to say.

The Half-Pipe During the Olympics, snowboarders were doing amazing tricks and stunts on the half-pipe.  Until that and skateboarding, a half-pipe sounded like a pipe cut into two pieces.  These athletes can do amazing things while on that half-pipe.  Hang ten!

Other Half Items I know that I love to eat half an avocado on a salad or a sandwich.  Great flavor and good fats.  YUM.  Or sharing a pizza at a favorite pizza joint.  We each eat half — probably too much but it’s so tasty.  Do you notice a pattern of food?  I do love my foods, that’s for sure.

I wonder what other half items will come to mind?  Should be fun as I will be on the lookout for them.

**This sign is next to a driveway used for the buses to drop off the kids in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.  The sign states Buses Only.

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