Throwback Thursday – Fun in the Snow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Thursday.  Today is throwback Thursday.

For today’s photo I decided to include a photo from when Ian was 2 years 3 months old.  We had snow in the neighborhood and went out to play in it.  Kirk drew Ian’s name in the snow with his foot.

Isn’t Ian a cutie?  My short and sweet little guy.  He was bundled up to play and have fun in the snow for a little while.  He was so excited and had never been in snow before.

Since then he has played in the snow a few more times but we haven’t seen much in his lifetime.  I am curious about what this year will bring.  Perhaps a chance for him to play in the snow again.

At the beginning of this week we had a dusting of snow but it has been steadily getting warmer as the week goes on.  It was way too cold and not enough snow to play in it this week.

I wonder when the next snowfall will be?  Will Ian get out of school?  Will it be okay to get out and play in?  Can’t wait to find out!

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