Oh Christmas Tree

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches.” Those are words to a song that came to mind when I decided to post a few photos of our Christmas tree.

We don’t have a live tree or a green one.  Ours is skinny and white and I love it.  The ornaments truly stand out and it makes me think of a snow-covered tree. I realize it’s not for everyone, but we like and have gotten used to it.

On our tree are a few ornaments that I made when I was a girl, gifts from when we got married and the year Ian was born and other gifts, and ones that we have made.

Last year and this year, Ian has helped me make beaded ornaments.  And, he drew a manger ornament for this year.  I have to say it is my favorite!

Our tree is in our dining room next to a window.  In the evenings, we enjoy having it and one other light shining.  As we watch Christmas movies, read or talk, we enjoy the light of the tree.

Now to get the presents underneath.  That is a goal by tomorrow night.  Much to still do.  I better get to it. Just 5 Days until Christmas!

What kind of Christmas tree do you have?  I’d love to hear about it. Take care and Happy Friday!


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