Reflecting On My Week

5minutefridayHi and Happy Friday. Today is another 5 Minute Friday where we are to write freely for 5 minutes on a given subject.  Today’s subject is Reflect.

On this day, there is much to reflect upon.  First of all is the stunning and sad news of the passing of Nelson Mandela.  Such an amazing man who was imprisoned in the prime of his life, later released, and went on to serve his country as president.

I have enjoyed reading some amazing quotes by him as well as his friends talking about him.  He was truly an incredible person.  President Clinton was shown in a clip explaining that Mr. Mandela was able to forgive his captors.  He understood that not forgiving would hurt him more than anyone and they’d still have him.

We all have choices to make when people treat us badly or harm us.  We can choose to forgive and heal and move on or we can hold onto hate and anger and let it fester.  Thanks to Nelson Mandela and many others for showing us that true forgiveness and love are indeed possible.

Mandela.quoteI will write another day and include my favorite quotes of his.  One of them I included from a photo that someone posted on Facebook.

Another thing to reflect on is my son’s wonderful class at school and all of the fun things he is learning about.  Today they are celebrating Sinterklaas, who is known as Saint Nicholas in the Netherlands.  Yesterday they drew pictures of wooden shoes.

This morning when they went in, all the kids got to see their shoe picture with a treat — stickers and a snack.  They were thrilled.  Ian found his and put it at his table.  He was ready for a fun day. I love that they are learning about traditions from around the world.  That is wonderful!

Today was also mismatch day for the outfits.  Ian is wearing a t-shirt, a clip-on tie, dressy pants, and tennis shoes, he is truly mismatched.  Last night he said he wanted to be “fancy” and not fancy.  I think he did it.  The other kids came up with a few great ones too.  I just hope someone takes some pictures.

Well, my time is up.  Hope you have enjoyed my quick reflections.  What will you reflect upon today?

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