December 3 – Silver

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Tuesday!  Today’s photo-a-day challenge is Silver.

Here is a photo of a favorite scarf of mine, with a charm bracelet that was my grandmother’s, and two silver spoons that belonged to a long ago relative.  I thought the combination made for a pretty picture. What do you think?

I like to wear scarfs and especially enjoy this time of the year since I can bring them out and wear them often.  I just received two beautiful scarves for my birthday.  They are lovely and I can’t wait to find the right outfit to wear with them.

My grandmother had a charm bracelet for me, my sister, and cousin.  She recently gave us our charms. Knowing she’d had these for all these years meant a lot to me.  And, receiving it while I can still ask her questions about it is just awesome.

I collect spoons so these treasures from one my ancestors were very special to get.  I have a nice collection of collector spoons from a variety of trips.  But, knowing this was used by a relative many, many years ago makes these extra special.

Silver also makes me think of the great Christmas song, Silver Bells.  “Silver Bells, Silver Bells, it’s Christmas time in the city.  Ring a ling, hear them ring, soon it will be Christmas day.” Or something like that. I love to sing that song and many others.

We have several silver ornaments which are lovely and look so nice on our white tree.  Silver has also started appearing in my hair.  My grandmother noticed that at Thanksgiving.  Hopefully if it continues to change, I can wear it and have it look nice.

What does silver make you think of?  Please share with me and other readers.