October 30 – Wet


Today’s photo challenge is Wet.

I decided to go with a cute picture of Ian from spring 2012.  We sprouted beans that then grew into a plant.

On this particular day, Ian was watering the plant with the hose in his hand.  He got absolutely soaked and as you can hopefully see in the picture, his entire outfit ended up wet.

He had an absolute blast.  Such a fun day.   After we went inside, he took a warm bath and I washed his clothes.

Wet — an usual choice but so many ways to go with it.

We are wet in the rain, tub or shower, our clothes are wet while being washed, the foreheads of people being baptized are wet for a short time. And, we are wet while swimming in the pool or ocean, surfing, and sometimes while fishing.

Whether we are wet or dry, we can have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Hope you have a great day!

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