September 16 – Frame

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Monday.  I was away from my blog for the weekend doing other things so I am a few days behind on the Photo-A-Day Challenge.

Today’s word is Frame.  I like this photo that I took at a restaurant at the beach last summer.  I love how the glass deck frames the ocean and boardwalk below.  This was a stunning location for lunch.  One of the times we ate there last summer, we saw dolphins swimming in the surf. How cool is that?

I so love the beach and truly missed it this summer.  I do have tons of photos from the last few years that I have been enjoying.

On Saturday, September 14, the photo challenge was Liquid and on Sunday, September 15, the challenge was Season.

I have included this second photo for both of these items.  Liquid is the ocean and this is showing the end of summer.  Ian is bundled up and enjoying the sun and sea.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

We had a great and very busy summer.  We went swimming, went to a favorite pizza place, played with friends, ate ice cream, and read many books.   Now, it’s almost fall and school has already been going for a month.

Amazing how quickly time flies!  It seems like we just started kindergarten and now we are getting into our groove and loving it.

Fall/autumn is my favorite season.  I am so looking forward to it.  I love the change in the weather, the color of the leaves, football, the World Series, hot chocolate and all things pumpkin.  It is a great time of year.

I wonder what new adventures this fall will bring.  I look forward to finding out.

Hope you have a great day!

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