September 10 – Sweet / Tuesday Tunes


Today’s photo challenge is Sweet, which also works well with the song I picked for Tuesday Tunes.

The photo is of Ian from Easter.  He had fun during the Easter Egg Hunt at church.  He got a lot of sweets and was very happy.

For Today’s Tunes, I decided to write about the song “Candy Girl” by the Jackson 5.

Ian has heard this on the radio and likes to sing the chorus.

Candy girl
You are my world
Look so sweet
You’re a special treat

Candy girl
All I want to say
When you’re with me
You brighten up my day”

I enjoyed listing to a very young Michael Jackson sing the words with his brother.  They recorded some great music.

It’s really fun to hear Ian sing this song too, whether to the radio or by himself.  He is good with remembering the words and the melody.

Hope you have a day full of sweets!  Any songs remind you of sweet or sweets?

I wonder what other sweet things will be a part of my day?  It should be fun to find out.

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