August 24 – In The Background

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAYeah, it’s Saturday.  Don’t you just love Saturdays?

I do since we don’t have to get up for school.  But instead can be in our pjs as long as we want!  Or get up and start moving.  It’s our day of the week to just be and see what happens.

One thing today is my photos and blogging.

For the Photo Challenge today, we are to shoot something “In The Background.”

I think some of the best background shots are of sunsets.

Last summer I took these on the same night.  The first is as the sun was still on the horizon and before it had set.  in the second one below, you can see just a sliver left of the sun as it dips into the horizon.

I love sunsets and love taking pictures of them.  I imagine I probably have thousands (literally) of sunset pictures. To me, they never get old.

I wonder what your background photo choice would be?  Please share with me and my readers.  And, have a great rest of the weekend!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

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