August 17 – Exercise

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAhh.., A lazy Saturday!  I do enjoy a lazy day.  We have needed it after the busy week we’ve had.  And next week will be even busier since it is the first full week of school.

Ironically with my lazy day, today’s photo challenge is exercise.

Exercise is something that I am working on doing more of.  I have to admit that it is something that has slipped for me for a while.

My favorite exercise is walking — preferably outside at the beach.  But, since I don’t live near the beach, walking around my neighborhood is great!!

I am now walking more so that is helping.  We also have some exercise equipment and I am working with that as well.

Here is Ian trying out his bicycle that we bought for him in the spring.  My husband is helping him. As you can see, he was ready to go!  And, so excited to get his first bike.

It has training wheels ,which is wonderful, a great design that Ian likes.  We just need a helmet for him.

He was dressed up since he got the bike on a Sunday afternoon after church.  He didn’t want to wait to go and change his clothes.

Ian loves being active and doing stuff.  I love that and am trying to keep up with him.

I wonder what opportunities I will have to exercise in the next week?  Plenty with walking Ian to and from school and hopefully a chance to walk in the afternoon with a friend of mine!

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