Kindergarten Begins!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis morning, Ian started his first day of kindergarten.

Here he is waiting in the line in the gym.  The school does this each morning.  All the kids gather there and then teachers walk the kids to their classrooms.

We walked to the school this morning and that is why he wore his sweatshirt.  This morning was less humid than normal and cool so he needed something to keep him warm.

It’s nice to live close enough to his school to be able to walk!

My mom, who was a kindergarten teacher for many years, said the first day is always hardest on the parents.  I know that is true.  I wasn’t the only mother wiping tears away as the kids left with a teacher.

His school understands that.  The principal announced that after we drop off the kids on Friday (the first full day), there is a reception for the parents.  It is called Coffee and Kleenex!  Isn’t that great?

I walked back by myself from the school — enjoying the sun, hearing the birds, and fighting back my tears of joy that he is starting a great school and sadness that my baby is all grown up.  Well, at least enough to in be school full-time.

I have to remember that he is exactly where he needs to be and that is comfort for me.  Besides he is extremely excited so how can I not be?

The house is so quiet without him here.  I will have to turn on some good music and focus on some other great things.  Can’t wait to hear all about his day!

Yeah Ian!  Mommy and Daddy are proud of you.  KINDERGARTEN ROCKS!!

4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Begins!

  1. I’m teary-eyed after reading this! I fully understand how you feel, and you wrote it out beautifully. It brings back so many memories for me and the picture actually reminds me of Isaac. Even though mine are older now, I still have those moments where I cry thinking of what they’ve accomplished and/or realizing how grown up they are. Today will be the hardest, but he’ll have a great time learning and you will adjust. You are very blessed!

  2. Thanks so much Beckie for your beautiful words. I didn’t mean for you to join in the tears but wanted to speak from my heart! I too am proud of your two great kids! They have been growing up so fast and truly do inspire me! Love ya. I agree that I am very blessed.

  3. School is always a great thing for the kids. Ian will really come into his own now. Won’t be too long before he will be really growing into a big boy. Enjoy the time with him when he comes home, because soon it will be Play Dates with other kids, and you don’t see him as much.

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