Happy 20th Anniversary

C2_Aug.7_20th.Anniv.1Today, August 7 is my sister Cindy’s 20th Anniversary.   She married her groom Cody.

Happy Anniversary to the two of you!  I am thrilled for both of you!

Here are two photos to celebrate the two of you.  First is on your wedding day.  The second is one of my favorites of the two of you — at one of our favorite locations.C2_Aug.7.20th.Anniv.2

Their wedding weekend was a lot of fun!  I was the Maid of Honor and enjoyed that privilege very much.  The weekend was full of celebration and fun.

Since then we’ve had many fun years and times together.  They now have two great kids – Gussie and Aiden.  I love my sister, second brother, and niece and nephew very much.

Cindy and Cody, you have taught me a lot about marriage and raising kids and I thank you both for that!  It has meant a lot.

I am so thankful for all of the times we can all be together!

Here is a quote for the two of you.  “True love stories never have endings.”  ~Richard Bach